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Hola #Saturday !
It's another blog on cafe review. Let's go #Vietnamese this week.

Hidden behind Columbia Asia Hospital in Bandar Puteri Puchong, this humble cafe serves cheap and delicious Vietnamese cuisines with very authentic flavors. Neither do I know this place actually exists although I've been staying around this area for the past few years. Thanks to my dear friend, Jess who brought me here. It was indeed a good place to dine for.

BANH MI offers an Indoor and Outdoor seating. If you prefer eating out while chilling with that stick of ciggie, outdoor is your best choice. When we arrived, seats are still available. However, as the day pass, more and more customers are walking in and it's already full by 2.00 pm. 

Indoor - Air conditioned

What makes this cafe so special? The food, of course! Let's flip through the menu and see what we've got.

Hungry already? 

We left the ordering job to my friend and waited patiently for the food to arrived. How can we missed out the Iced Milk Coffee? Nah, we don't. All the guests are served a complimentary glass of iced cold welcome drinks upon arrival. I could hardly describe how the tea tasted like, but I guess it's some sort of their local everyday drinks. Just a plain-ol' tea, with zero sugar in it.

Complimentary drinks (Left) & 
Cafe Sua Da / Iced Milk Coffee (RM 4.00)

The Iced Milk Coffee is extremely good I must say. A thick glass of Vietnamese coffee filtered through and slowly dripped into the glass, served with a glass of condensed milk and ice. Ahh...just a heavenly glass of cold coffee. 

If you like some refreshing drinks, try their signature Tra Chanh.

Tra Chanh / Signature Iced Lime Tea (RM 3.00)

Next, here comes the food. 

Skewers, skewers and SKEWERS! I couldn't say "NO" to them. Juicy pieces of succulent meat grilled to perfection. Tender lemongrass flavored pork meat; a bite after another. Paired with the peanut chili sauce is simply delicious.

Thit Nuong / BBQ Pork Skewers (RM 3.50 / stick)

Succulent piece of grilled pork meat

Nothing beats a Vietnamese #baguette for lunch. Freshly baked baguette tucked with sliced pork terrine, fresh vegetable and herbs. Oh, one simple healthy meal. 

Banh Mi Cha Lua / Pork Terrine Baguette (RM 7.50)

Another popular dish here - Goi Cuon or known as Spring Rolls. Goi Cuon, is a Vietnamese dish traditionally consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese banh trang / rice paper sheets.

Goi Cuon / Spring Rolls (RM 4.50 for 2 pcs)

Another highlight - Dau Ca Loc Nau Canh Chua, a Vietnamese version of Fish Soup cooked with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. It is tangy with no fishy taste at all. One large bowl of soup that is perfect for a hot sunny day. 

Dau Ca Loc Nau Canh Chua (RM 14.50/set) comes with white rice

These four dishes are more than enough to feed 4 adults. It comes with a very huge portion for set meals. 

I'm pretty much satisfied with the food and drinks here and will definitely re-visit this cafe again the very next time. Service is quite fast and don't be surprised if a cute & pretty young Vietnamese lady serving your meals here. *GST applied*

Shades & Gladiator sandals from:

#vietnamesecuisine #wardrobe26 #michiebillie #weekendfood hunt #rockafella 

Address: 21, Jalan Puteri 7/9, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +603- 8060 0127



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